IOM Myanmar COVID-19 Response Situation Report 9, 6 July 2020

11,326 migrants returned from Thailand through border checkpoints from 15 June to 2 July

3,819 migrants returned from China through border checkpoints from 15 June to 2 July


Returns from Thailand and China continued in the second half of June, with 11,326 and 3,819, respectively, from 15 to 2 July. A total of 118,565 migrants returned through border checkpoints from 22 March to 2 July, including 76,859 returns from Thailand (22 March—2 July), 36,280 returns from China (16 April—2 July), and 317 returns from Lao PDR (8 May—24 June).

An additional 7,240 Myanmar nationals returned via Government-assisted relief flights from various countries in the region and beyond from 4 April to 1 July, including (among others) 228 from Korea, 500 from UK, 440 from Malaysia, 272 from UAE, and 356 from Singapore, from 15 June to 1 July.

The National Level Central Committee for Prevention, Control and Treatment of COVID-19 extended COVID-19 restrictions until 15 July. This includes the temporary suspension of overseas employment processes (including MOU recruitment procedures) and all pre-departure orientation and skills trainings.

At a press conference on 26 June, the Deputy Minister for Labour, Immigration and Population estimated that the number of jobless Myanmar workers, including migrant workers, reached 250,000 in June. The number of unemployed workers includes 140,000 workers previously employed in the 5,658 factories in Myanmar that shut down due to COVID-19.


Source: International Organization for Migration