Italian-Thai Development Plc sued for 46 million baht in compensation for the death of two geologists

Mothers of two geologists who were killed when a falling boulder crushed them to death inside a tunnel of a dam in Mae Taeng district of Chiang Mai last year on Wednesday jointly filed a lawsuit to the Chiang Mai provincial court demanding 46 million baht in compensation from the dam constructer, Italian-Thai Development Plc.

In the lawsuit, the two plaintiffs, Mrs Penchan Sasu-anan and Mrs Orathai Siriwat, mothers of Mr Pratyawat and Mr Pathomporn, both geologists working for Italian-Thai Development Plc, told the court that they didn't believe that the fatal incident which caused the two men's deaths was not an act of God which could not be prevented.

The incident occurred inside the tunnel of Mae Ngad-Mae Kwang dam which was then under construction.

Mrs Penchan told the media at the court that her family had been in financial trouble after the death of her son as he was a major breadwinner. She claimed that the company paid 15,000 baht for the funeral expense and offered to pay 500,000 baht in compensation, but she found the amount too little and unreasonable.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)