“Kanchana” joins with the CRES to help the grandmother of Wat Makok community.

Bangkok, "Kanchana" leads the CRES team to help a grandmother whose body is deformed, resembling a person with a broken neck. She is expected to receive a disability card and receive additional allowances. Ms. Kanchana Silpa-archa, Advisor to the Advisory Committee, follows up and expedites the policy development of the Minister of Social Development and Human Security. As an advisor to the Center for Accelerating People's Welfare Management (CSR), visiting the Wat Makok Klang Suan community, Phaya Thai District, Bangkok (Victory Monument area) Near Soi Phahonyothin 1) to visit and provide assistance to a deformed grandmother. Walking like a person with a broken neck along with the family, with Mrs. Jatuporn Rojanapanich, Director-General of the Department of Social Development and Welfare (DPS), Ms. Ramrung Worawat, Director-General of the Department of Elderly Affairs (DDS), staff of the Rapid Action Unit, SSR. Bangkok Homeless Protection Center Ban Bang Khae Elderly Social Welfare Development Center and the Department of Promotion and Development of Quality of Life for Persons with Disabilities including the health department Bangkok Join in the area to help Ms. Kanchana said that it was because of an aunt who, as you know, had a job collecting old things and suddenly fainted. Yesterday, officials from the Ministry of Public Health went to the area to provide initial care, and today they have come to the area to take care of and give encouragement to the family. The aunt, aged 69 years, has symptoms of Parkinson's disease. and the head is folded down, resembling a person with a broken neck. Currently, he earns only an elderly living allowance of 600 baht per month, and from what the public health officials have come to visually assess, it seems to be considered a disability. and may receive a disability allowance of 800 baht per month, including others in the family whose husband receives an elderly living allowance of 700 baht per month. As for his 44-year-old daughter, she must wait and see if she has sym ptoms that qualify for disability. which must be evaluated by a doctor This family earns income by selling roasted corn and collecting antiques. Ms. Kanchana said that she came today to follow up on all assistance. The first thing that will be added is disability allowance and financial assistance for poor families Including allowances for the elderly and children. It also helps with the education of my grandchildren who are currently studying in Mathayom 3 and are good students. We have to see if there are scholarships. What are some of the things that come to support your child's studies? But one thing Grandma has promised is that she will never leave the house again. Because the physical condition is dangerous If I were to go out walking alone and have an accident, it wouldn't be worth it, so I asked another husband and wife to sell toasted corn instead. and the daughter went to collect old things and there will be financial assistance in various areas Come help this family. 'For this case, is it the fam ily that was surveyed or not? Grandma has been sick since 2018 and is bedridden, which, admittedly, some people live in different corners of the country, so it's hard to get the full picture. If we look at the opportunities in the crisis, we know that there are still some people who are considered disabled, which the Ministry of Secondary Education is continuously surveying. In addition to having a center that registers people with disabilities, There is still access to the house. or fast moving unit To ensure that all people with disabilities are registered In order to receive full rights for people with disabilities Not just at the ministry or department location. But there will be a mobile unit. that enters people's homes To survey where there are stranded disabled people who have not received their rights, which the Ministry of Human Rights has been doing continuously. Or if any citizens know that their own neighbors or people known to be eligible for disability allowance Please notify at People's Welfare Management Accelerated Center (CCSA) or call the MSD hotline 1300 24 hours a day, where a rapid mobile unit will take action quickly. So that all disabled people receive the rights they should receive,' Ms. Kanchana said.-316 Source: Thai News Agency