“Kewalin” shows great form and wins gold in women’s karate kumite

Phnom Penh, May 7 – Karate Final, Kumite, 68 kg, female Kevalin Songklin, Thai national team, meets with Isabel U Brito from the Philippines. Go 3-1 and win the gold medal.

As for Panchak Silat, the Thai team wins 2 gold medals from the female pair's Panchak style category. Acting Second Lieutenant Oraya Chusuwan and Saowanee Chantamunee, gold medalists The 19th Panchak Silat World Championship in 2022 meets with the Indonesian pair, old rivals who met in the finals. world championship battle It turned out that the Thai women's team showed better form, winning 9.945-9.915 points.

Punchak dancing for Thai men's team grab a silver medal

Men's style team In the final, the Thai team consisted of Sobri Jeni, Salwa Cheha, Abdulkarim Kuli, the owner of the gold medal at the 31st SEA Games in Vietnam in 2022, missing the defense of the championship one more time after losing to Indonesia 9.93-9.97 points gave the Thai team a silver medal. Indonesia won the gold medal.

Shin enters the second event. Thai men's team wins gold

Shin competed in the second event at the Olympic Stadium in Phnom Penh, competing in a round-robin match. There will be a total of 6 poses, with all 6 athletes having to play that pose for 6 people in order to get 1 point. Wut Roongroj, Aphisit Chaichana, Ekkavee Ruenpara, as well as Komin Naownon and Thongchai Sombat met Cambodia, the host, where the Thai team showed excellent plastic ball bouncing, including 2 sets, 257 points, while Cambodia got 175 points. As a result, the Thai national team won the gold medal in a row. Malaysian silver coins Cambodia and Myanmar bronze medals

The Thai cross-country relay team won the silver medal.

mountain bike In Siem Reap, there is a competition for 1 gold medal, cross country relay team or (mixed relay), a distance of 3.7 km per round, 4 races, a total distance of 14.8 km. Each team will send 4 athletes, divided into 2 men. 2 people, 2 women, 1 lap each. For the Thai team, Keerati Sukprasart is the first stick, second mai Poonsiri Sirimongkol, mai 3, Supaksorn Nantana and Warin Petchpraphan. is the last stick In the midst of sweltering weather, the temperature is 42.5 degrees Celsius, where the Thai team rides in 2nd place, winning the silver medal with a time of 51 minutes 44 seconds, while the gold medal belongs to Indonesia, the bronze medal, the Philippines. Tomorrow there are mountain bikes with 2 gold medals.

Thai women's tennis team defeated Malaysia 2-0.

SEA Games tennis at the tennis court Inside Techo Heritage National Stadium Women's team The quarterfinals of the Thai women's team, the old champion, the 1st hand of the program, who received a bye in the first round, met Malaysia in the midst of sweltering weather, with the first pair of singles, second-hand "Aomsin" Anchisa Chantha, showing excellent form, beating Zen Lim Se A Xuan 2 sets in a row 6-0, 6-0, leading 1-0, then single-handed "Earth of Rice" Lalana Tararuedi meets Shihomie Liang. 2-0 sets 6-1, 6-4, making the Thai women's team beat Malaysia 2-0 pairs through to the semi-finals The bronze medal has already been won by the Thai women's team. went to meet Vietnam, who defeated Laos 2-0 pairs

"Warawut-Lalita" won gold in the jiu-jitsu category in the duo mix category.

Jiu-Jitsu Mixed type The Thai national team sends "Plub" Warawut Sangsriruang and "Nong Mook" Lalita Yuennan, the gold medalists of the 2022 World Games in Birmingham, USA, who recently won the Asian Championship earlier this year in Thailand. Both of them competed in the first SEA Games. Competing in a 3-round encounter, the results showed that two Thai national jiu-jitsu athletes do a great job Showing a heavy and strong posture, pleasing the judges, defeating the opponent in all 3 rounds, successfully winning the first SEA Games gold medal. Both said they were satisfied with today's performance. and I'm glad I did The next goal is the 2023 World Championships in Mongolia in July.

"Ngerk Oil" won a silver medal, backstroke 50 m. Female

Swimming on the 2nd day, won 7 gold medals at the Aquatic Center, backstroke 50 meters, female "Mermaid Oil" Saowanee Boonampai, a young mermaid of the Thai national team Get off to a great start all the time, before the last 20 meters will be Manniari Wolf, a young mermaid from Indonesia who swims and cuts the edge of the pool for the first time at 28.89 seconds, breaking the SEA Games record of Tao Singapore's Li, who has been running 28.90 seconds since 2015, while Mermaid Oil took the silver medal with 28.97 seconds, and the Philippines bronze medal with 28.99 seconds.

Summary of gold medals, number 1, Cambodia, the host, won 28 gold medals, 21 silver medals, 23 bronze medals, while Thailand was in third place, winning 15 gold medals, 16 silver medals, and 22 bronze medals.

Tomorrow's program has 76 gold medals, 15 gold medals in Gunkhamer, 11 gold medals in athletics, 9 gold medals in sailing, 7 gold medals in water sports and Vovinam, 5 medals in Panchak Silat and Techball. gold, sepak takraw 3 gold medals, cycling, gymnastics, karate, petanque, soft tennis, triathlon 2 gold medals, cue sports and volleyball 1 gold medal.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency


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