Khru Preecha in 30-million baht lottery scam transferred to an inactive position at Zone 8 office

The school teacher in the ownership claim of the winning 30-million baht lottery tickets with a retired police officer in Kanchanaburi province has been transferred out of the school to an inactive position at the Secondary Educational Service Area Office Zone 8 pending serious disciplinary probe.

Preecha Kraikruan or better known as Khru Preecha was ordered to move from Thepmongkol Rangsee secondary school to Zone 8 educational office to facilitate serious disciplinary probe after the Kanchanaburi provincial educational commission has ruled that he has committed a serious disciplinary offense.

The commission designated the teacher to assist job at the office after he was indicted by the police for giving false testimonies in the lottery scam with intent to frame the other and to encourage duty police officers to act inappropriately and unlawfully.

The commission will consider further actions against the teacher which may include suspension of duty at its meeting next month.

Meanwhile, Khru Preecha insisted his transfer to Zone 8 office has nothing to do with the serious disciplinary penalty over the lottery scam.

In fact, he was wanted by the office to proceed with an educational development project in the special economic zone which he initiated since 2015.

He said as the lottery case has now entered the justice system, and is pending court trial, he is still innocent.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (ThaiPBS)