“Koo Sang Koo Som” magazine closing down

Koo Sang Koo Som magazine, which has been one of the most popular printed media, is the latest victim of the high tide of online media as its chief executive has announced the last edition will be put on the newsstands on Dec 20.

The end of Koo Sang Koo Som was announced today (Dec 16) by Damrong Phuttan, chief executive of Koo Sang Koo Som Company, in a programme on TNN24 TV station.

Mr Damrong said Koo Sang Koo Som, which has entered the 38th year in the printing industry, will place its 1005th edition in the newsstands on Dec 20, with the picture of Mr Damrong on its cover.

I have never thought that I would be on the cover of my magazine. I would be on the cover only when there is a crisis, he said.

Mr Damrong said the magazine will have to closed for not being able to withstand the high tide of the social media. He said he became discouraged after finding that many articles of his magazine have been copied and posted in the social media without permit.

The magazine's content focuses on relationships, family, lifestyle and health. Koo Sang Koo Som's horoscope column is one of the most popular columns.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)