Krung Thai is pleased with the trend of DRx 5 hot global lifestyle stocks.

Bangkok, Krung Thai is pleased with the trend of DRx, 5 hot global lifestyle stocks worth 90 million baht in the first 6 days. Krung Thai Bank is delighted. Investors respond Foreign securities rights instruments, or DRx, overwhelmingly reference 5 lifestyle stocks. The total market value was approximately 90 million baht in the first 6 business days, with "Meta" being the most popular. Emphasizing investment innovation leadership and professionalism in product development, selecting outstanding stocks that meet the needs of investors Mr. Rawin Bunyanusas, Executive of the Capital Market Money Market Business Department Krung Thai Bank revealed that Krung Thai Bank Successfully offered 5 additional foreign securities warrants (DRx) based on leading stocks in the US lifestyle sector, namely Amazon (AMZN80X), Meta (META80X), Starbucks (SBUX80X). ) Netflix (NFLX80X) and Booking Holding (BKNG80X) on February 7, 2024, with investors responding continuously to invest. In the first 6 days, there was a total mar ket value of only 5 new securities. Lifestyle group approximately 90 million baht by META80X or DRx which refers to Meta company stocks. Master of social media The owners of famous platforms like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are the most popular. It has a market value of nearly 40 million baht. The Bank is committed to continuously developing innovation and investment technology. To reinforce leadership in investment innovation under the concept of Leading in Innovative Investment, transforming investment to be easy and prosperous. With professionalism in developing investment products Select stocks with potential Responding to the needs of investors in all market conditions Allows investors to access US stocks with high growth potential. has a strong operating performance Add a variety of investment options According to the style you like, DRx can be traded easily. Through the Streaming application, buy and sell in baht. No need to exchange money to be difficult. There is an opportunity to receive retu rns as if investing directly abroad. For those interested, you can invest in DRx on the DRx trading board of the Stock Exchange of Thailand. Using an existing DRx trading account But if you don't have a DRx account but already have a Thai stock account Please notify the investment adviser of your wish to further trade DRx. or do it yourself Through the Streaming by Settrade application, select My Menu and select DRx. For more details, please contact any Krungthai Bank branch or Krungthai Contact Center at 02-111-1111 or Source: Thai News Agency