Labour Minister Joins Mitsubishi and DENSO Workers Union Annual General Meeting to Promote Employee and Employer Relations to Build the Nation and Investments

The Labour Minister joined the Mitsubishi Automobile Thailand Workers Union Annual General Meeting and DENSO Thailand Workers Union Annual General Meeting. He emphasized the strengthening of participation among all parties following the “Uniting Thailand to Create a Nation” policy to support employer and employee reconciliation, resulting in a favourable working atmosphere and investment promotion. The Labour Minister then joined the closing of the seminar on the “Consumers Buying Smart and Saving” project, promoting consumers to know their rights to purchase products or services, creating immunity from being taken advantage of by business operators.

On September 6, 2020, Labour Minister Mr. Suchart Chomklin spoke on the occasion of attending the Mitsubishi Automobile Workers Union Thailand Annual General Meeting at Takhian Tia Subdistrict Municipality Stadium, Banglamung, Chonburi. He also spoke at the DENSO Thailand Workers Union Annual General Meeting at the Auditorium Building, Ban Suan Municipality, Chonburi. Permanent Secretary of Labour Mr. Suthi Sukosol, Deputy Permanent Secretary of Labour Mrs. Thienrat Nawamawat, and the Ministry of Labour’s senior executives also participated in the event. The Labour Minister said that the current situation with the Covid-19 epidemic, coupled with rapidly changing economic and social conditions, has resulted in widespread labour relations issues. Under the leadership of Prime Minister and Defense Minister General Prayuth Chan-ocha, the government has given priority to resolving problems and driving the country. In particular, the focus is on accelerating economic recovery after the Covid-19 situation has eased, whereby introducing the “Uniting Thailand to Build a Nation” policy. The goal is to join forces from all sectors to come together in planning and defining the future of Thailand. From now on, the Ministry of Labour must act based on participation from all sectors under the National Labour Administration Center, which has the objective of driving all dimensions of labour to play a role in determining the country’s future. This is especially to remedy impacted companies and workers, including people in various sectors that have become unemployed in returning to the employment system. Efforts also aim at strengthening companies to face crises and overcome obstacles, enabling organizations to compete in the current environment and accelerate economic recovery, while maintaining original employment and conditions for workers’ good quality of life.

Mr. Suchart continued that he was delighted and honoured to have attended the unions’ annual general meeting today. The meetings intend to seek and protect benefits related to employment conditions and promote good relationships between employers and employees, and between employees themselves. Therefore, the annual general meeting is one of the administrative processes that follow democratic principles in transparency. Members take part in the management and are collectively responsible, proving to external organizations to see the strong role it has in building a good relationship with employers. The union is considered an important business partner who will affect the investment climate and its economy. It is regarded as one of the labour organizations that is admired and commended as a good model for other labour organizations, which will bring the pride of the members and pass on a good relationship to last.

“The Ministry of Labour sincerely hopes that this annual general meeting is held will be an important part of promoting and supporting the labour society to have reconciliation, in addition to being a meeting of members following the meeting agenda. This will create a good atmosphere for investment and sustainable development. Therefore, I ask the unions and its members to lead the “sufficiency economy philosophy” as a guideline for the practice of strengthening immunity for members to think and analyze logically, be careful, and aware of the changes. This will enable members to think and make decisions based on modesty, both in their life and managing the organization to be successful. This will lead to good immunity among employees and members, contributing to peace and tranquility in the workforce forever,” concluded Mr. Suchart.

The Labour Minister then went on to preside over the closing ceremony of the “Consumers Buying Smart and Saving” project at the multi-purpose building, Phanat Nikhom Municipality, Phanat Nikhom, Chonburi, organized by the Consumer Protection Commission House of Representatives. This project aims to instill knowledge among consumers to be aware of their rights. They can use their knowledge to further protect their rights to purchase goods or services and create self-immunity from being taken advantage of by business operators.


Source: Ministry of Labour