Lao migrant arrested for bank robbery

A Laotian migrant entered Thailand a month ago was apprehended red-handed shortly after he used a toy gun to rob a bank and run away with 280,000 baht in cash yesterday evening.

He was identified only as Mr. Chan, 26.

The robbery happened at Kasikorn Big C branch in Rajburana area around 6.00 pm.

Rajburana police said they alerted all traffic police stationed at all intersections on Rajburana road to watch out for a man in a yellow taxi but cautioned he had a gun in possession after robbing K-bank branch at Big C Rajburana and escaped with the money.

The man wore orange cab, and dressed in grey-red colour long T-shirt and black jean.

Traffic inspector Pol Lt Yongyuth Boonpeng left the police traffic control booth with his motorcycle after being alerted as traffic was very congested.

As he rode just 200 metres from the booth, he spotted a samaritan on a motorcycle was chasing a motorcycle taxi with the suspect on the pillion.

But the suspect jumped off the motorcycle and called a Subaru mini truck taxi to escape.

The officer then gave chase into Soi Suksawat 27 and saw the suspect jumped off the taxi and made off again in another motorcycle taxi.

He decided to cut in front of the motorcycle taxi to force a stop for search.

The suspect jumped off again and ran into a deserted house on Soi Suksawat 29 to hide.

The officer then called in help from residents and rescue workers to encircle the house.

The suspect then climbed up the rooftop to escape.

However the old and decayed roof tiles couldn’t withstand his weight and broken, forcing him to fall down injured.

He was then caught with shoulder bag containing a toy revolver, a cutter, a dust mask, and 286,000 baht in cash.

He later confessed to the bank robbery, saying he entered the country via Chong Mek pass in Ubon Ratchathani province a month ago and sneaked in to live with a friend at Wong Wein Yai circle.

He lived without work since then. He later browsed the Internet looking for bank with loosened security.

Here he found the K-bank branch at Big C has no security guards.

He then went to Klong Tom market to buy a toy gun at 30 baht and a dust mask and studied the way a bank robbery could be made from YouTube.

He then copied the robbery video in robbing the bank by writing in a paper hand me 200,000 baht cash, I have gun and showed it to the bank teller at the counter.

However the teller was shocked after seeing the note and shouted for help. He then grapped all the money in the counter and ran out and tried to hijack a taxi to flee.

But the taxi driver recognised his gun was fake, forcing him to run for motorcycle taxi to escape further.

He was detained and faces two charge, bank robbery and carrying weapon (cutter) into public place.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)