Leshi Reaches Strategic Partnership with Microsoft to Create Global Cloud Platform for Content Delivery

HONG KONG, Dec. 18, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Leshi and Microsoft today entered into a strategic alliance to develop a global cloud platform for content delivery. Leshi’s cloud services and solutions will be operated on the Azure public cloud computing platform and infrastructure powered by Microsoft, thus providing a video cloud service platform for users all over the world. The collaboration between the two corporations will expand in various fields, and is set to create business opportunities worldwide.

When discussing Leshi as a global strategic partner of Microsoft, CTO Yang Yongqiang said, "In recent years, Leshi has successfully achieved the ultimate entertainment experience through its ecological platform that consists of platform, content, terminal and application. Leshi has the world’s first fully supported 4K H.265 technology, and an open platform serving enterprise market and providing video cloud computing services for individuals and businesses in a variety of industries." Yang Yongqiang adds, "The strategic partnership will benefit both parties, as Leshi has a large accumulation on video content, while Microsoft Azure’s public cloud service has high availability and is flexible, secure and stable. The partnership will create a new generation of cloud platforms and support our rapid growth and development with powerful cloud technology resources."

Yang Yongqiang continues, "This is the first year for Letv to execute its globalization strategy, and the company has set up subsidiaries in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, and Silicon Valley. A strategic landing in Southeast Asia, Australia and Europe is also underway. Just recently, 1,000 super TVs were sold in 9 minutes and 9 seconds in Hong Kong — subverting the history of Hong Kong’s smart TV sales record. Letv, with its unique vertically integrated ‘platform + content + terminal + application’ ecosystem, will strive to expand in overseas markets. Microsoft Azure public cloud is a powerful and successful infrastructure throughout the world. This, together with Leshi Cloud, creates a leading global video cloud platform that enables Letv to develop in major regions, reduce upfront investment risk and increase overseas business operational efficiency and service quality. In addition, as an open platform, it also brings high-quality video cloud services for global corporate customers and individual users."

About Letv

Letv was established in November 2004 and listed on the Growth Enterprise Market in China on August 12, 2010. Letv has a market capitalization of more than 400 million (RMB), which is the highest on the Growth Enterprise Market.

Letv is a vertically integrated platform + content + terminal + application ecosystem, which covers internet video, film and television production and distribution, smart terminals, and big screen applications. Letv’s terminals are one of the most important components of its business model. Letv has launched a Super TV and Box, plus complementary terminal software such as Letv UI. It is China’s first own-brand TV Internet company, and one of the only internet companies in China producing original content. Letv has on average 50 million unique users per day.

For more information about Letv, please visit:

Letv’s official website: http://www.letv.com

Letv Hong Kong’s shop: hk.shop.letv.com

Letv’s official Hong Kong Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/letv.hk