Letv Arrives in Hong Kong — Third Mega-Promotion Sells 1000 X50 Air TVs in 9 Minutes and 5 Seconds

HONG KONG, Nov. 14, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Letv, China’s largest Internet television company, yesterday celebrated its third successful mega-promotion in Hong Kong. 1000 lucky pre-registered customers were able to snap up the X50 Letv via online, once again proving the remarkable appetite for Letv’s vertically integrated 4k television ecosystem.

Through 4K content and application systems, a 4K cloud platform, 4K screen and quad-core processors, Letv provides users with high quality, diverse entertainment through a speedy Internet portal.

Mr. Tin Mok, CEO of Letv International Business, said: "It’s great to see consumers in Hong Kong taking advantage of such a brilliant offering for the third time. It’s clear to us that the consumption modes for television are changing, as consumers move away from the limiting frameworks of traditional television. People want an autonomous experience, and Letv taps into that desire."

"It’s our mission to continue to actively upgrade Letv, using our unique know-how to take the quality and user experience to new heights. We want to introduce more external Internet applications, and further improve and expand our content offering. Ultimately, it’s about providing an unparalleled home entertainment experience."

Collaborations with the world’s leading production teams create unparalleled entertainment choices

Letv not only provides superior quality hardware; it overturns traditional television boundaries with its unique emphasis on a 360-degree ecosystem of entertainment. Letv has affirmed their commitment to working with more top-level film and television producers in Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea and Europe, bringing users even more original high-quality material.