Letv launches China’s first ever smart Operating System for Auto

HONG KONG, Jan. 20, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Leshi Internet Information & Technology Corp/Beijing ("Letv") held a press conference themed "Re-define the Future" in Beijing today to announce its brand new LeUI, which allows users to seamlessly connect Letv products such as cars, smart phones and smart TVs to a single network. Meanwhile, the company has announced the setup of Leshi Super Electric Car Company and the appointment of Lu Zhengyu as Vice President, who also introduced the LeOS for Auto for the highly anticipated Letv Electric Car.

Establishment of Leshi Super Electric Car Company  

Letv’s Vice-Chairman Liu Hong announced the appointment of Lu Zhengyu for the newly setup Leshi Super Electric Car Company, a subsidiary under the entire group of Letv.com and Le Vision Pictures Ltd. Before joining Letv, Lu was the former Managing Director of Asia & Oceania Operations for Infiniti. Prior to that, he also worked for China divisions of Ferrari, General Motors and Ford. Lu will be an important asset to Letv entering the automobile market. The team now employs over 260 experts and its official website (car.letv.com) will go live today.

Letv’s Electric Car, alongside "SEE Project" will be the company’s first point of contact with the automobile market. The car itself will achieve much more than your average electric car, as it will combine a complete internet-linked car ecosystem, which is a revolutionary step in the industry. The company’s radical innovation also creates a whole new area for research and development, sales, business and operation for other manufacturers. Letv not only aims at making electric cars, but also creating a comprehensive internet-connected vehicle ecosystem.

The First UI system to connect Cars, Smart Phones and Smart TVs 

Hosting multi-platform experiences in a single cloud system

Evolving around the revolutionary concept of a vertically integrated system of platforms, content, terminals and applications, Letv is the first company in China to develop a UI system that can be experienced in cars, smart phones and smart TVs, allowing users to enjoy the beauty of this multi-platform UI system in multiple scenarios, under a single cloud system.

Letv also announced the Lite Edition of the LeOS for Auto, which operates a UI system tailor-made for the Letv electric car. With a sidebar design and an easy-to-use interface, this Lite Edition will consist of a ROM version for Tablets and an APP version for Smart Phones. The ROM version will be ready on 3 February 2015.

LeOS for Auto consists of various exciting features including:

  1. Voice Control Operating System
    LeOS for Auto is equipped with a cutting-edge voice control operating system. Apart from automatic navigation, it also supports streaming music online. With a simple command, the system will automatically search for music online and play – transforming your car into a personal assistant for driving and entertainment.
  2. Touch and Motion Control
    With LeOS for Auto, the user can make a series of commands either with a simple touch or motion gestures, greatly reducing the inherent distractions experienced whilst operating a screen, thus enabling a safer journey. The user can pick up a call by raising a hand or pointing a finger down to end a call. With the LeOS for Auto, drivers can also control temperature, sound and seating positions with other body gestures.
  3. Automatic Navigation
    LeOS for Auto is the first user interface that has incorporated automatic navigation. This feature will allow drivers to receive instant updates on traffic situations through the internet, which will greatly reduce the travel time during congested hours.
  4. Interactive Group and Instant Communication
    With this special feature, LeOS for Auto can indicate the location and other information of your friends on the screen through its cloud system. It also supports instant communications between you and your friends for easy contact.
  5. Ultimate Entertainment Experience in Car
    Through Lecloud, LeOS for Auto provides drivers with the best in car entertainment. Apart from online music streaming, it also supports online radio and over 5,000 movies and 100,000 drama episodes from letv.com. 
  6. Internet-linked Service in Car
    As an internet-linked car ecosystem, LeOS for Auto not only provides the best in car entertainment, but also provides users with the ultimate Internet-linked Car Service. Users can easily check on services including car repairs, rentals and management. It also provides access to the car manufacturer, insurance details, rescue information and more. Users can also make reservations for car maintenance, inquiries on illegal offenses, car status, and more. Furthermore, instant information on the car’s status can be accessed through your smart phone or smart TV using the Lite Edition.

About Letv

Letv was established in November 2004 and listed on the Growth Enterprise Market in China on August 12, 2010. Letv has a market capitalization of more than 400 million (RMB), which is the highest on the Growth Enterprise Market. The company currently has more than 50 million PV per day, and over 350 million views per month. Letv has a broad spectrum of services and a well established ecological platform, which covers online entertainment, television production and distribution, smart terminals, large-screen application markets and e-commerce.

Over the past decade, Letv has celebrated a number of worldwide achievements. Those include: 1st in China’s user scale professional long video site, first Internet Company to launch its own self-developed and branded smart TV, first Internet Company to own a large-scale film company, China’s first employed self- made content strategy company. Statistics shows that this year, Smart TV holds the crown in online sales, as of October 2014, online sales accounted for 32.24%, which means that for every three online television sales, there is almost one Smart TV sold.

The development of the terminals of Letv is the most important part in the Letv Ecosystem. In the field of smart hardware, Letv has launched the Smart TV, Letv box and other products. In the field of terminal software, Letv has created Letv UI, which is the best smart TV UI system so far.

For more information about Letv, please visit:

Letv’s official website: http://www.letv.com
Letv Hong Kong’s shop: hk.shop.letv.com 
Letv’s official Hong Kong Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/letv.hk