Letv Sold 300 Units of S40 Air Smart TV Online in a Record-breaking 27 Seconds

HONG KONG, Dec. 3, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Letv, one of China’s largest internet television companies, has once again revolutionized the local TV business and set the benchmark for e-commerce. In response to huge consumer demand, Letv today launched its 40-inch S40 Air Smart TV (Letv Hong Kong version UI) for the first time in Hong Kong. 300 sets of the S40 Air model were sold in just 27 seconds, smashing Hong Kong’s all time record for smart TV sales online.

Letv’s 40-inch S40 Smart TV has proven to be a popular choice for younger generations and newly-weds. Letv’s CEO of International Business, Mr. Tin Mok said, "We once again would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the Hong Kong public for supporting the Letv brand. Letv has a stellar online sales record in Hong Kong, which proves the value of its ecological platform. As a young emerging company, Letv is not bound by fixed operations; thus allowing us to have more flexibility on product planning and business development." Mr. Mok further added that the 40-inch S40 Air was specially introduced in the Hong Kong market in response to high consumer demand. Letv plans to continue strengthening its product line to best fit local consumer needs and deliver the utmost in quality.

Letv’s remarkable S40 Air is equipped with a stunning 40-inch InnoLux LED LCD screen. This TV packs cutting-edge technology that achieves optimum levels of color, brightness, saturation and dynamic noise cancellation. In addition, the TV offers screen customization, allowing the user to adjust screen brightness and color saturation — perfect for setting an ideal picture quality. With its fantastic 4.9mm narrow border design, the S40 Air will surely blend perfectly in any household environment. Mr. Mok continues, "The S40 Air’s attractive price of HKD 1,999 will also include Letv’s HKUI, offering movies, variety shows, concerts and much more. There is no doubt that Letv will offer the most enjoyable home entertainment experience to date."

About Letv

Letv was established in November 2004 and listed on the Growth Enterprise Market in China on August 12, 2010. Letv has a market capitalization of more than 400 million (RMB), which is the highest on the Growth Enterprise Market. The company currently has more than 50 million PV per day, and over 350 million views per month. Letv has a broad spectrum of services and a well established ecological platform, which covers online entertainment, television production and distribution, smart terminals, large-screen application markets and e-commerce.

Over the past decade, Letv has celebrated a number of worldwide achievements. Those include: 1st in China’s user scale professional long video site, first Internet Company to launch its own self-developed and branded smart TV, first Internet Company to own a large-scale film company, China’s first employed self- made content strategy company. Statistics shows that this year, Smart TV holds the crown in online sales, which accounted for more than 20%, and even more than 30% in sales. In July this year, online sales accounted for 27.1%, which means that for every four online television sales, there is almost one Smart TV sold.

The development of the terminals of Letv is the most important part in the Letv Ecosystem. In the field of smart hardware, Letv has launched the Smart TV, Letv box and other products. In the field of terminal software, Letv has created Letv UI, which is the best smart TV UI system so far.

For more information about Letv, please visit:

Letv’s official website: http://www.letv.com
Letv Hong Kong’s shop: hk.shop.letv.com
Letv’s official Hong Kong Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/letv.hk