Letv Stuns the Automobile Industry with its Revolutionary Internet-run Electric Car

Taking a responsible approach to the growing global pollution crisis

HONG KONG, Dec. 9, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Letv announced today that it will expand into electric cars by launching a new project called “Super Electric Ecosystem” (SEE), enabling the company to become the world’s first corporation to tap into the Internet-linked smart electric cars market.

With an aim of redefining the automobile industry and addressing global environmental issues, the company takes advantage of its existing vertical integrated business ecosystem in building a model that links electric cars with the Internet. Letv plans on surpassing the traditional industry giants of Europe, America, Japan and Korea by developing a smart electric automotive eco-system. Growing traffic and pollution issues will be addressed, and motorists around the world will be able to drive environmentally friendly Letv electric cars.

Letv is confident that its cars will surpass vehicles developed by Tesla Motors, with its bigger vision of replicating its own business ecosystem onto the SEE project.

Revolutionizing Traditional Designs

Letv electric cars feature multiple touch-screens that replace the traditional consoles and dash signboards, giving the design of the cars an avant-garde and metallic feel. According to Letv’s ideal, the cars are only considered to be the terminals in their business ecosystem. Therefore, the multiple touch-screens are not just displays, but also carriers of large amounts of data, making online exchanges viable for users. The touch-screens inject the magic of imagination into Letv’s vertical integrated business ecosystem.

With the equipped operating system or Letv’s self-developed “LeOS” system, users could achieve unmanned driving, automatic parking, smart navigating, precise positioning and searching functions based on personal interests, all through Letv’s powerful cloud platform. As for passengers, they could entertain themselves by connecting to the Internet for hot gossip, information, sports or financial news.   

Five-Year Strategic Brand-Building

Letv has been preparing for the “SEE” project since the beginning of this year and views it as a strategic brand-building project in the next five years.

Earlier this summer, Letv joined BAIC Motor Corporation Ltd. in investing in the US-based maker of advanced plug-in batteries, Atieva Inc. Its crew members, who come from EU and US carmakers as well as other well-known tech firms from Silicon Valley, have successfully designed over 3000 units of new energy vehicles including the Tesla Roadster, Chevrolet Volt, and Audi R8.                                      

Letv CEO Jia Yue-Ting said, “We should be looking at how much a company can contribute to its own industry, society as well as humanity, when we evaluate its value in the Internet era.” He also said, “With rapid industrial development, there is a serious problem of environmental pollution, especially the recurrence of smog in Northern parts of China.” “With a strong sense of social responsibility as well as sharp market insight, a large-scale Internet firm like Letv should build a good example for other practitioners to follow,” he added.  

Innovative Marketing Brings Costs Down

Letv persists with its principle — Half Price with Double Functions. With its innovative marketing and sales approaches, the company has been able to bring costs down. Such tactics will allow the company to create reasonably-priced smart cars in the future.

Letv CEO Jia Yue-Ting commented, “The Internet will bring a massive revolution to the car-making industry and this is the perfect timing for Chinese carmakers to create their own cars in order to build the world’s first Internet-linked electric car ecosystem, which will allow them to challenge the traditional carmakers in the EU, US, Japan and Korea.”   

About Letv

Letv was established in November 2004 and listed on the Growth Enterprise Market in China on August 12, 2010. Letv has a market capitalization of more than 400 million (RMB), which is the highest on the Growth Enterprise Market. The company currently has more than 50 million PV per day, and over 350 million views per month. Letv has a broad spectrum of services and a well established ecological platform, which covers online entertainment, television production and distribution, smart terminals, large-screen application markets and e-commerce.

Over the past decade, Letv has celebrated a number of worldwide achievements. Those include: 1st in China’s user scale professional long video site, first Internet Company to launch its own self-developed and branded smart TV, first Internet Company to own a large-scale film company, China’s first employed self- made content strategy company. Statistics shows that this year, Smart TV holds the crown in online sales, which accounted for more than 20%, and even more than 30% in sales. In July this year, online sales accounted for 27.1%, which means that for every four online television sales, there is almost one Smart TV sold.

The development of the terminals of Letv is the most important part in the Letv Ecosystem. In the field of smart hardware, Letv has launched the Smart TV, Letv box and other products. In the field of terminal software, Letv has created Letv UI, which is the best smart TV UI system so far.

For more information about Letv, please visit:
Letv’s official website: http://www.letv.com
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