“Lilia Wu-Ji Eun Hee” wins golf match play

United States, May 25 - Lilia Woo of the United States and Ji Eun Hee of South Korea claim victory in the Women's Golf Tournament in Nevada, United States.

Women's Golf Match Play "Bank of Hope LPGA Match Play" in Nevada, USA, with 64 female golfers participating in the swing duel, divided into 16 groups of 4 people each. Meet them all in the match play system. To find the champion of each group through the final 16 teams by an interesting couple, Lilia Wu, the world's fourth-handed pro from the United States. This year won the Honda LPGA Thailand Championship with Chevron Championship, the first major of the year, beating Lauren Hartlege from the United States 4 and 3, collecting the first victory as well. with Ji Eun Hee, former champion from South Korea who defeated Matilda Kastrain from Finland 3 and 2, as for the performance of the Thai girl pro in this program, "Pro Miao" Pajaree Anannaruekarn, who was in the first 4 groups, won Mina. Harikae from the United States 1 up, "Pro Waen" Pornanong Petlum, who was in the first 12 days of the group, defeated Gabi Lopez from Mexico 5 and 4, while "Prowan" Jarwee Boonchan who was in the first 14 groups. Defeated Angel Yin of the United States 5 and 3

Long-distance bicycle, Giro di Italia 2023 in Italy, stage 17, must come to win the last straight before reaching the finish line evenly until having to judge with a photo and be Alberto Dinese, a cyclist. italian from the DSM team who beat Jonathan Milan, fellow cyclist from the Bahrain Victorias team with Michael Matthews, an Aussie cyclist from the Jeko Alula team, time 4 hours 26.08 seconds, but when including all times, Gerent Thomas, a UK cyclist from Team Eneos Still leading a total time of 71 hours 58 minutes 43 seconds, leaving Joao Pedro Almeida, a Portuguese cyclist from the UAE, the Emirates team, 18 seconds .-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency