Loei police admit mistake in traffic ticket

Muang Loei traffic police have apologised for the mistake in issuing a traffic ticket to a motorcyclist for not wearing safety belt.

Chief of Loei provincial police Pol Col Torsak Aranyakanont admitted of the mistake in the ticket which a traffic police officer issued to a motorcycle rider.

The ticket was displayed by the rider, Silapob Salusee, who said the incident happened near the traffic light on Loei-Chiang Kan intersection. The post was widely shared on the social world with viewers strongly criticising such offence could happen in one place in the world, Thailand.

Pol Col Torsak offered apology for his subordinate saying he has questioned the officer and he claimed he had worked hard for a long time and was fully exhausted.

This prompted the officer to wrongly write in the ticket that the motorcycle rider was guilty for not wearing safety belt.

The Loei police chief said he has warned the officer of the mistake and that this would not happen again.

He added his officer was contacting the rider to come to the station to apologise for the mistake.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)