“Madame Dear” promotes “Pongsakorn”, the new generation has a future Ask the people of Wattana-Khlong Toei to give them a chance.

Bangkok, May 6 – "Madame Dear" promotes "Earth Pongsakorn", a new generation with a future, asking the people of Wattana-Khlongtoey to give them the opportunity to be confident that they can rely on them, and reiterate that the Democratic Party has no ownership and makes a policy based on responsibility. Do not take free marijuana that destroys the future of children

Miss Watanya Bunnag, Chairman of the Political Innovation Working Group Democrat Go on stage to give a big speech to support Earth-Pongsakorn Kwanmuang, MP candidate for Bangkok, Wattana-Khlong Toei District No. 5, in which this speech also includes Mr. Abhisit Vejjajiva, former Prime Minister and former leader of the Democratic Party Mr. Ongart Klam Paiboon, the party's deputy leader, Mr. Suchai Pongpieanchob, Klongtoey MP, and Mr. Prasit Rakslam, former Wattana MP, also joined in a speech in support of the vote. There are people from Watthana, Klong Toey, including people who come to exercise in Benchasiri Park. listen to a lot

Miss Watanya reiterated the position of the Democrat Party that does not support liberal marijuana Today in the Wattana and Klong Toei districts are gaining the new nickname “Wattana-Khlong Toei Green Area” is not green because of Benjasiri Park. But because of the marijuana green color. and all the time he had traveled to campaign throughout Thailand Brothers and sisters will complain with one voice about drugs and free marijuana, everyone. The Democratic Party has a stand in making policies that must think about the future of the country. to think about the future of their children We have a position to make a policy of thinking about the future. on responsibility Because we will not make irresponsible policies like some political parties, so what some political parties make policies implies the intent to think only of their own interests.

Ms. Watanya emphasized additional reasons that Why should you choose the Democratic Party? because the Democratic Party is a party without ownership no capital group There is no party-owned capitalist like some political parties. As for those political parties he started with being owned by capitalists. Use the auction money to buy MPs into the jurisdiction. Let me ask the brothers in one word when he started with spending money. Using the power to bid for MPs, then those MPs when entering the House of Representatives Will he see the people in his head? which is clear that MPs who start with money MPs who from the first day chose to sell the ideology Choose to sell your soul in exchange for money when he entered the council He must hope for his benefit. He had to withdraw his capital. And that means he never had people in the equation. But that reason doesn't apply to Earth-Pongsakorn Kwanmuang because Earth Pongsakorn is a young man who has a future in politics. be a new generation and whether the father moved to another party But the brothers saw that Earth Pongsakorn chose to have his own ideas. I would like to choose to have my own ideology. By choosing to walk in to work with the Democrat Party, the brothers can be confident that if they choose Earth Pongsakorn, the brothers and sisters will get quality MPs, MPs with an ideological standpoint, not MPs who flow with money and power

Ms. Watanya further said that Today, many of you may have heard that the Democratic Party is bleeding. Many people are slandering the Democratic Party on the brink of extinction. But his standing today The standing of Earth Pongsakorn who is a candidate An MP who will volunteer to serve the people of Khlong Toei-Wattana today is a confirmation. And rest assured that the Democratic Party is not just bleeding. But we have a constant flow of new blood. And that means that our Democratic Party will continue to exist. We can be a dependency for all people's brothers and sisters, so that's why our Democrat Party has existed for 77 years because we have the faith of the people as our backbone.

“Deer is confident that what Earth has proven to all his brothers and sisters has chosen to walk in the Democratic Party. I didn't do what my father told me. Choosing to take a stand Dare to have your own stand Dear, we are confident that Earth will definitely be the pillar we can rely on and will be the pillar for the people of Wattana, Khlong Toei people, ”said Ms. Watanya. .-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency