Manhunt launched for three hunters for killing a gaur

A manhunt has been launched for three illegal hunters for allegedly shooting to death a gaur inside the Khao Ang Ruenai wildlife sanctuary in the eastern province of Chanthaburi's Kaeng Hang Maew district.

Search for suspected hunters began on the night of June 20 when forest rangers at the sanctuary heard four gunshots. They laid in wait until about 1 pm of the following day when they found three men carrying three bags and demanded a search, but the men ran away, abandoning the three bags which were found to contain about 135 kilograms of freshly-cut meat.

Due to heavy rain at the time, the rangers could not check the meat and took the three bags back to their base.

On June 22, rangers went into the sanctuary again to make searches and they stumbled on the carcass of a dead gaur believed to be a female, about three years old and between 300-400 kgs in weight.

They also found two spent bullet shells of a 12-gauge shotgun about 20 meters from the spot where the carcass of a gaur was located.

The forest rangers then alerted police and military personnel to track down the three hunters who were suspected to be the killers of the protected species.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (ThaiPBS)