Metropolitan police to enforce tougher law on motorbike drivers

Metropolitan Police Bureau (MPB) will enforce a tougher law on motorcycle drivers who will face vehicle confiscation if they are caught for not wearing crash helmets.

The impounded vehicles will be returned to drivers once they show up at the police stations with the helmets.

The police believed the measure, which will be fully enforced on Dec 25, will reduce the number of deaths and injuries caused by motorcycle riders and pillion riders not wearing helmets.

Currently motorcycle drivers are just fined for not wearing crash helmet.

Under the new stricter measure to lower injuries and deaths from motorbikes, police will impound the motorbikes of drivers for a certain period in addition to fine if the driver and/or the pillion riders not wearing helmet.

The MPB will inform the public about the new measure between Dec 11-24 before enforcing it on Dec 25 onward.

Violators will have their vehicles impounded and released only when they return with the helmets and pay the maximum fine or 1,000 baht for the offence.

All 88 police stations and the traffic control units in the city have been placed on readiness to implement the new traffic measure.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)