Military complaint centre receives influx of complaints, mostly corruption cases

The National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) says its complaint centre receives influx of complaints from the people within one month after its establishment.

NCPO deputy spokesperson Col Sirichan Ngathong said Saturday (Aug 19) that the NCPO has established the Complaint Centre and began operation since July 14 to receive complaints from the people via Hotline 1299 and PO Box 444, and through all 293 channels in military installations in 69 province under its policy to prevent and suppress corruption on a sustainable basis.

She said so far after a month of working, influx of complaints amounted to 1,320 cases were received.

Breakdowns of the cases were receivedas follow;

668 cases from Hotline 1299,

433 cases from PO Box 444

117 cases from centres at military installations, and complaint centres in the provinces

102 cases were lodged in Bangkok

Most of the complaints are relevant to irregularities, corruptions and trouble from land conflicts.

All the complaints have been processed and are entering legal procedures, she said.

She said a total of 129 corruption cases involving state officials would be handled by the NCPO, while 666 cases involving people livelihood and their troubles would be forwarded to the Prime Minister's Office to look into, and 110 cases lodged against civil servants, police, military personnel and narcotic suppression police would be forwarded to their superiors in respective government agencies to handle.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)