Missing girl found dead

A 11-year-old girl missing from home two days ago was found dead yesterday in Pluek Daeng district of Rayong province.

She was found lying dead nakedly with dried weeds and grasses covering her body. There was serious wound on her head.

The place is four kilometres from her home.

Pluek Daeng police said the finding came after police arrested a suspect, identified as Vichai Choksena, after a video footage from surveillance camera showed him riding a motorcycle with the girl on the pillion.

After hours of interrogation, he admitted to sexual assualt and killed the girl.

He then led police to the scene where he killed her.

He said he rode the motorcycle to a school to pick up her daughter who studied at the same school as the victim.

However her daughter has already gone home, so he picked up the girl who was her daughter's classmate instead.

On the way home, he molested and tried to rape her, but was resisted.

Vichai is also a colleague of the victim's father working at a construction camp site.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)