MOL Drafts Ministerial Regulation to Protect Human Trafficking Victims

The Ministry of Labour's Inspector-General and spokesperson Mr. Ananchai Uthaipatanacheep revealed that the Ministry of Labour has proposed the drafting of ministerial regulations for exemption to migrant workers of whom have fallen victim to labour exploitation or are witnesses in human trafficking cases. This also include dependents of the migrant workers.

Mr. Ananchai further stated that the reason and essence of the proposed ministerial regulations came from the government's recognition of human trafficking prevention and elimination measures. Relevant units have been assigned to accelerate operations, to which the Cabinet also has consensus for the Ministry of Labour to consider victims and witnesses of human trafficking cases according to the Anti-Human Trafficking Act B.E. 2551, which includes the workers' dependents. The ministerial regulation will benefit victims and witnesses of human trafficking cases by permitting temporary extension of stay and work in the country after the cases have closed, exempting all relevant fees.

The Ministry of Interior has announced that such group of migrant workers will be allowed to remain in the kingdom for special cases and work in all forms of work as agrees upon with employers. The announcement is currently under drafting and consideration within the Cabinet. Once issued, the announcement will provide protection to victims and witnesses, as well as encourage migrant workers to stand up as witnesses and cooperate in legal cases on violation of the Anti-Human Trafficking Act B.E. 2551. Mr. Ananchai concluded by explaining that the ministerial regulation to exempt fees for migrant workers fallen victim or witnesses to human trafficking cases is under consideration by the Cabinet, and is expected to be enforced within this year.

Source: Ministry of Labour