MOL Prepares Workforce for Thailand 4.0

Labour Minister General Sirichai Distakul chaired the academic seminar on Labour Change to 4.0 : Where are we?, which took place at 09.00 on 26 January at the Berkley Pratunam Hotel in Bangkok. The seminar was arranged in alignment with government policy on driving the nation towards a Thailand 4.0 through development strategies for internal strengthening under civil state measures. The seminar contributes to economic structural changes towards a value-based economy, strengthening industries and integrating advanced technology in adding value to SME output. Integration of advanced technology will also impact unskilled workers in manufacturing, resulting in professional instability. The key objective of the seminar was to acknowledge concerns and advice from all stakeholders once the nation progresses into a Thailand 4.0. Information gathered from the seminar will support decisions made by the government, Ministry of Labour and relevant units, on workforce preparation, an agenda of reformation in the Ministry of Labour's 20-year people development plan. The seminar's participants included relevant departments and experienced academics who spoke and shared insights on directions for human resource development to support a Thailand 4.0, and the subsequent impact on the Thai workforce. Speakers also discussed preparation evaluation in entering the 4.0 era and expected outcomes, which will be taken into consideration on policy drafting by the Ministry of Labour.

Source: Ministry of Labour