More rains to create more havoc to South now still stricken from flooding

As more rains began today in the South and will last till end of the week, vast areas in many southern provinces are still faring badly from the devastating floodings.

The rains are expected to cause a new round of flooding in areas where many residents have begun cleaning up their houses and properties after flood water have receded.

The Meteorological Department issued a new warning of heavy rainfall from today up to January 22 in nine southern provinces from Prachuap Khiri Khan down to Surat Thani and Narathiwat provinces.

In Surat Thani, residents are fairing even worse with no reduction in flood level submerging Ban Na Term and Phun Ping villages with 1 � 3 meters deep of water.

Residents here have been forced to either stay with their relatives or take temporary refuge along the roadside of the Asia Highway No. 41 which connects Surat Thani to Takua Pa.

Residents said that all they could do was wait out the conditions while at the same time make preparations for the possibility of increased flood water if more rains were to fall.

Meanwhile residents living in five districts along the shore of the Songkla lake in Songkla province are still living under flood conditions.

They include Ra Nod, Krasae Sin, Sathing Phra, Singha Nakhon and Khuan Niang districts.

Provincial authorities estimate that the situation here will not improve for at least one month. Similarly, residents here are concerned that more rains will make conditions worse.

In Trang province, many areas located along both banks of the Trang river such as at Nong Trud district and Trang municipality are still besieged by floods.

More than 50 homes are still under 20 � 80 cms of water and many vital roads have been either damaged or cut off.

The situation is even worse at Ban Pa Mhak village in Nata Luang district where flood waters are still more than 1 meter high forcing most farm animals to take refuge on rooftops.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)