Most illegal resort owners agree to dismantle their resorts themselves

Most of the 19 illegal resorts at Phu Tab Boek mountainous retreat in Lom Kao district of Petchabun province will be demolished by their owners after the provincial governor agreed to grant them a 7-day reprieve to decide whether they will demolish their premises themselves or let the officials do the job.

All the operators of the 19 illegal resorts appear to have accept the fate reluctantly though after having realized that they have a slim chance of resisting the demolition order.

Mr Kunchapat Chatpattanarungrut, the owner of Rong Tium resort, has mobilized about 50 men to help in the demolition work which was already 50 percent completed.

He told the media that there was no point to fight on and to resist the demolition order. He said it was better to spend time doing something else.

Mr Somtop Saikamlert, owner of Ta-Yai resort, said about 70 percent of the lodgings had already been demolished leaving about eight units which were built not long ago. He offered to donate them to the state so that they could be used as learning centres.

As for Aen Kai resort which was spared the demolition and became the subject of criticism from the other resort operators over what they regarded as a double-standard practice, it was reported that its owner had decided to move out and agreed to demolish the lodgings.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)