Most of Thailand to become cooler

A new strong cold front from China is now covering northern Thailand and the South. This will cause the temperatures to fall by 2-4oC in northern and north-eastern regions and by 1-3oC in the rest of the country, except the south.


The Meteorological Department forecast on Thursday that the mercury in north-eastern region, in the next 24 hours, will drop by 2-4oC, to a minimum of 13-18oC, with minimum temperatures in the highlands ranging from 6-11oC.


In Bangkok and its suburbs, temperatures are forecast to fall by 1-3oC, to a minimum of 19-21oC.


In the northern region, temperatures are forecast to drop by 1-3oC, to a minimum of 14-18oC, with isolated rain predicted in Mae Hong Son, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Phayao and Nan provinces.  Mountainous areas are also expected to be cooler, with temperatures dropping to 3-11oC.


Central provinces, except Bangkok and its suburbs, are forecast to experience strong winds with temperatures falling by 1-3oC. The minimum temperature is expected to be 17-18oC.


The eastern region will also experience strong winds and temperatures will to drop by 1-3oC, to a minimum of 17-22oC.


Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service