Myanmar emergency overview map: Number of people displaced in South East since Feb 2021 and remain displaced (As of 25 April 2022)

During the reporting period, the number of IDPs have significantly increased with about 5000 new IDPs verified. The total number of IDPs this week is 236,000, reaching the highest number since the beginning of the year.

This week, 3000 IDPs displaced from 7 villages in Bilin township due to the high tension between KNU and Tatmadaw. The IDPs displaced in villages within the townships as well as Bilin town.

Such large displacement is the first one occurring in Mon State since the beginning of the year, indicating a rapid deterioration of the situation in Mon State.

In South Shan, IDPs continue to arrive from Loikaw with 533 newly IDPs verified in Pinlaung, Hsihseng, and Nyaungshwe Townships in Shan South. Besides, 977 IDPs living in IDPs camp in Demoso had to displaced again towards Pinluang township, reportedly because of clashes near their camps and also food and water shortage. In parallel, 657 IDPs have returned to their original village in Demoso and 125 IDPs returned to Loikaw Town.

In Kayin State, 500 IDPs from Kyainseikgyi township had to flee in the nearby jungle to seek safety due to reported airstrike of Tatmadaw in the area. The situation in the township also resulted in 63 people fleeing toward the Tak province in Thailand. However, 108 individuals have allegedly returned from Tak province to Myawaddy township.

In Tanintharyi, local media have reported new displacements, but UNHCR is still verifying the exact number.

Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees