Nakhon Phanom villagers Horse Closing Parade The latter was an unwitting victim.

The governor of Nakhon Phanom visited the area to investigate the problem of the horse account outbreak. After finding a patrol agent to deceive the villagers Claims to bring evidence to form a political party get welfare money Offer per capita compensation In the end, the victim is an unknown horse account. while the villagers woke up Horse Closing Parade

Yesterday (March 23, 2023), Mr. Wanchai Chanphon, Governor of Nakhon Phanom, along with relevant officials Visit the area to inspect the problem Help villagers in Na Kae District, Renu Nakhon District, and That Phanom District to inspect and coordinate relevant agencies to help villagers who are victims of fraudsters who unknowingly take documents and evidence to open a horse account. by claiming to bring proof of identity card with personal photos to operate as a member of a political party Including receiving welfare compensation from government agencies Ready to offer compensation per head, 400 -500 baht per person, making villagers fall victim to believing

from the examination of the relevant officials It was found that victims were unwittingly victims of horse accounts in 3 districts, That Phanom District, Na Kae District, and Renu Nakhon District, with nearly 1,000 evidence of bank account opening, the most being in That Phanom District. Investigate horse account information opened without knowing it. And asked to close more than 500 accounts and confirm that he did not open by himself It is believed that the broker who brought important personal documents and secretly opened a horse account until later Because some villagers Checking the information found that there is a horse account that is subject to an offense under the law. The Royal Decree on Measures for the Prevention and Suppression of Technology Crime B.E. local police Preventing offenses later

The governor of Nakhon Phanom revealed that after learning about the problems of the villagers. In the event that a broker unknowingly takes important documents and evidence to open a horse account Therefore, relevant officials were brought to the area to meet with the villagers, acknowledge the problems, and formulate solutions. Ready to coordinate with relevant agencies.

Source: Thai News Agency