NetComm Wireless Add New M2M Device to their Verizon Wireless Portfolio

SYDNEY, September 25, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — NetComm Wireless Limited (ASX: NTC), a leading global developer of wireless Machine-to-Machine (M2M) devices, today introduced the CDMA Light Industrial M2M Router Plus (NWL-15) to its ground-breaking Light Industrial Series. Certified for use on Verizon Wireless’ network within the U.S., the NWL-15 is designed to deliver seamless connectivity to applications in areas such as retail, asset management, healthcare, security and agriculture.

Designed to overcome the cost and complexity barriers to M2M deployment, NetComm Wireless’ NWL-15 brings multiple new connection options and interface formats to the Light Industrial Series to bolster multi-sector M2M growth.

Built to deliver simple low cost asset monitoring and management capabilities, the NWL-15 is expected to accelerate the uptake of M2M within North America where M2M now accounts for almost one in 10 mobile connections, representing the highest proportion of M2M connections on a regional basis, according to GSMA Intelligence[1].

“This launch strengthens NetComm Wireless’ existing partnership with Verizon Wireless and we are pleased to continue a collaboration that gives businesses the opportunity to transform their operations using M2M technologies,” said David Stewart, President and CEO of NetComm Wireless. “With a number of legacy machines requiring serial connectivity, as well as connectivity to a broad range of sensors, the NWL-15 has been designed for seamless integration across a broad range of M2M applications.”

NetComm Wireless’ NWL-15 delivers reliable and secure CDMA M2M connectivity to valuable assets, incorporating multiple interfaces to meet the requirements of challenging M2M applications, and offering: both serial and Ethernet ports; 3 multi-purpose I/O’s enabling simultaneous connectivity; a dedicated ignition input and built-in GPS for mobile applications. The NWL-15 also features an open Linux platform and powerful CPU to support the integration of custom software applications.

[1] GSMA Intelligence. From concept to delivery: the M2M market today. February 2014.

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