New Storm To Bring More Rain To Northeastern Thailand

BANGKOK, Thailand, The Thai Meteorological Department (TMD), warned on Sunday evening that Thailand's northeastern region was bracing for more rain until Tuesday (tomorrow), due to the impact of a less severe storm.

The TMD said, tropical storm Podul has left Thailand already, but warned of a new storm approaching south China's Hainan Island.

The path of the new storm, which has less strength than Podul, is not headed directly for Thailand, but its course will nonetheless bring rainfall to the country, the weather agency said.

There will be no direct impact, but the monsoon will bring rain, sometimes heavy, to the northeastern region on Sept 2-3, the TMD said on its website.

Podul, which weakened after unleashing downpours on Thailand and left the country on Saturday, has flooded 24 provinces, since the Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Department (DPMD) started tracking the damage from the storm.

Areas in 15 provinces were still inundated on Sunday, the DPMD said. Local media reported that storm Podul claimed two lives in northeastern Thailand.

Source: NAM News Network