No water shortage for household use this coming summer

Thailand will not face water shortage for household use this coming summer season.

This was assured by the Prime Minister's Office yesterday, the National News Bureau of Thailand said.

NNT said the government has instructed the Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives to begin its anti-drought measures in order to avoid a drought crisis.

The PM's Office believes water shortages will not be severe this year due to last year's rain.

Thirty-four major dams and reservoirs currently contain a sufficient water to get the entire country through the dry period. There is an estimated 20 billion cubic meters of water suitable for household consumption this year. It has increased from a year before by 8 billion cubic meters of water.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Cooperatives also launched its first artificial rainmaking operation earlier this month to ease a smog crisis in the North and raise the water levels in major dams while the second round is set to begin in June.

The ministry will also implement 29 projects aimed at mitigating the effects of drought nationwide. The Thai government continues to urge farmers to either use water wisely or diversify their crops in order to lower their dependence on water.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)