Novel Wearable Brand Imacwear Showcased in New York’s Times Square

SHENZHEN, China, January 8, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — On the heels of Apple’s launch of the Apple Watch on September 10, emerging wearable device brand Imacwear released its premium watch phone, Sparta, in New York’s Times Square on December 15, 2014. The combination of a timepiece and a communications device is the first ip67-rated water-proof 3G watch phone in the world, combining the key characteristics of wearability, stylishness and practicality. Sparta also features the currently popular 2.5D hook-faced capacitive touch screen with outstanding touch and display performance. With an exquisite body, the mobile watch phone features the fine-steel one-step modeling process, which adjusts the joints between the device body and band in line with the contour of the individual’s wrist, maximizing comfort for the wearer.

Imacwear also launched a flagship mobile phone, hero, together with Sparta. Although it was not showcased during the Times Square event, hero nevertheless attracted much attention from the media, with its stylish appearance, striking configurations and the fact that it is the world’s first 4G mobile featuring eye-friendly and power-efficient AMOLED hook-faced screen.

Imacwear was founded by a group of fashionable and dynamic young men, focusing on the development of novel and unique products. Supported by a German-based ID design team and leading Chinese solution integration firms, Imacwear is a dark horse among crowd-funding stocks in the electronics sector. The Imacwear brand focuses on dynamic young people with active minds, and is at the forefront of the personalized and fashionable digital life experience. For more information, please visit Purchase Imacwear products from ebay at

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