Omsin dies today of complications from intestinal volvulus

Omsin or Bank, the green sea turtle which was operated by a team of veterinarians on March 6 to remove over 900 coins from her stomach has died Tuesday morning following an emergency operation last Saturday.

The death of Omsin was announced by an emotional veterinarian Nantarika Chansue, director of Sea Animal Diseases Control Centre, who headed a team of veterinarians that operated on the turtle to remove coins from her stomach to save her life.

A heart-broken Ms Nantarika openly wept as she told the media of Omsin's death. She left the press conference briefly to control her emotion and to return shortly afterward to carry on with the conference.

Omsin became the subject of public attention in the past two weeks after a seven-hour surgery to remove over 900 coins from her stomach. She was formerly kept in a pond in Chon Buri where visitors often threw coins into the pond to make vows.

She said that Omsin's condition which appeared to improve satisfactory after the surgery on March 6 suddenly deteriorated necessitating an emergency operation on Saturday March 18 due to complications from intestinal volvulus and strangulation.

After the latest surgery, Omsin never fully recovered with weak pulses and had to be administered with oxygen until her death at about 10.10 am today .

She said on her Facebook page that the complication might come from adjustment of the GI tract in more empty space post operation. There was more gas in her stomach and loss of protein, she added.

Earlier, she said the Omsin's case should serve a precedent for all throwing coins into a pond for luck should rethink carefully the next time they want to throw coins to make vows.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)