One Tambon One University Program

The Cabinet has given the green light to the “One Tambon One University” program, aimed at upgrading economic and social conditions at the subdistrict (tambon) level.


The responsible agency for the scheme is the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, Research, and Innovation. Under this program, one subdistrict will work with one university for local development.


A total of 3,000 subdistricts and 73 universities will participate in the scheme during its first year, with a budget of 10,629 million baht. The program is expected to generate employment for about 60,000 people who will work for various local development projects, such as those concerning tourism, quality of life, environmental management, and community enterprises.


Unemployed local residents and new graduates, as well as university and vocational students, will be hired to work in this program, which will help reduce economic difficulties, achieve economic and social sustainability, and transfer technology from universities to communities.




Source: The Government Public Relations Department