Online votes in support of Gen Prawit to stay on inflated

Online votes in support of Deputy Prime Minister Prawit Wongsuwan to stay on which were cast through website were suspected to be inflated.

Director of Thailand, Ms Warisara Sornpetch, said in a phone interview via the Share Kan Sanan Muang programme of Radio 101 on Monday that several names of the voters came from the same computer and from the same IP and the filling of the names was so fast that was beyond the ability of an ordinary man.

She said that there was a possibility that the names were not legal, adding that her technical team then decided to reduce the names of the voters from about 10,000 to only 250. Thailand organized a online signature campaign to demand the resignation of General Prawit under the title Joint Support for DPM Prawit to Resign for his controversial remark regarding the death of military cadet Pakapong Tanyakan. Lately, a second online signature campaign was launched under the title Wishing DPM Prawit to Quit.

Later on, Ms Warisara said the two campaigns which were initiated by Mrs Thicha na Nakorn were merged into one because both have similar objective � which is the resignation of General Prawit to avoid repetition of names in both campaigns.

A few days after, Ms Warisara said a campaign was launched under the title Supporting DPM Gen Prawit to Stay On for National Security and World Soccer Tournament 2018 through website.

She explained that anyone could launch a campaign via the website. However, she noted that, on Saturday, her technical support team found some unusual in the number of sharing which was suspected to be inflated.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)