Order all ministries to prepare New Year’s gifts for the people.

Government House, Government spokesperson reveals that the Prime Minister has ordered all ministries to prepare New Year's gifts for the people. Leave it to the Ministry of Education Organize an English training project After the lowest English level in ASEAN

Mr. Chai Watchawong, Spokesman of the Prime Minister's Office Mentioning the orders of Mr. Settha Thavisin, Prime Minister and Minister of Finance. At the Cabinet meeting, the Prime Minister asked all ministries to prepare New Year's gifts for the people as soon as possible. And ask that it be a New Year's gift that when announced will make the people happy.

“The Prime Minister ordered the Ministry of Digital Economy and Society to expedite the implementation of the cloud service project. Because they want the government to move towards e-Government as quickly as possible. along with admonishing ministers who take teams to travel abroad to see work When I come back You have to see what results you expect. And we hope that the results will be worth the expenses spent on each foreign trip,” said a spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office.

As for building the confidence of Chinese tourists, Mr. Chai said the Prime Minister urged relevant agencies to expedite action on fake news. After fake news attacks on Thailand spread in China If any number makes hundreds of calls in one day Maybe a call center I want the relevant agencies to close the number first. and ask the Ministry of Tourism Urgently find Chinese influencers to understand Chinese tourists who may fall for fake news.

“From the Prime Minister Went down to Sadao checkpoint and met with the Malaysian minister. The Malaysian leader has communicated that Regarding free visas and other measures regarding tourism which has a very high number of Malaysians crossing the border to travel in Thailand But there are not many Thai tourists who travel to Malaysia. Makes Malaysia worried that There will be a deficit of tourists. And if it goes on for too long, there may be pressure on the Malaysian side. Therefore, we ask that we encourage Thai people to travel to Malaysia as well,” said a spokesman for the Prime Minister's Office.

As for the English language skills problem, it is at the lowest level in the region. Mr. Chai said that the Prime Minister has assigned the Ministry of Education to create an urgent project. Solve the problem in cases where it was reported that Thai English skills are the lowest in ASEAN. which cannot be left like this Because Thailand emphasizes tourism. Therefore, measures must be taken -.318.

Source: Thai News Agency