Over 80 percent admit they used to be rejected by a cabbie

Over 80 percent of the respondents to Nida Poll admitted they had been rejected at least once by taxi drivers whereas 46 percent said they didn't know Uber taxi and has never used its service.

The pollster of the National Institute of Development Administration (Nida) conducted an opinion survey of 1,250 samples representing a cross section of people in Bangkok and its peripherals during March 23-25 about their experiences with ordinary taxi drivers and Uber private taxi drivers.

Of the 1,250 respondents sampled, 21.92 percent said they had never used taxi service compared to 78.08 percent who said they had used the service. Of the 78.08 percent who used the service once or more, 75.51 percent admitted that they encountered problems with the cabbies.

82.50 percent said they were once rejected by taxi drivers; 29.99 percent said they found some taxis quite old, dirty or the airconditioning did not function properly; 28.9 percent said they met with cabbies who deliberately took detour route in order to claim higher fare; 25.64 percent said cabbies were impolite; 21.85 percent complained of speeding by cabbies, suddenly applying brake, jumping red light or parking at no-parking areas and 20.90 percent complained of cabbies not using meters.

54.51 percent of respondents wanted stricter screening of taxi drivers and 43.03 percent proposed a unit to constantly monitor the quality of taxi service.

About Uber taxi service, 46 percent said they were unaware of the service while 41.2 percent said they were aware of the service but have never used the service.

Asked to make a choice between Uber and ordinary taxi service, 42.81 percent said it depends on circumstances, how urgent they are and the fare rates; 30.07 percent said they prefer ordinary taxi service.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)