PM admires Toon and his team for their contribution to the country

Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha today (Dec 4) admired Artiwara Kongmalai and his team for the 2,191-km charity run saying what they are doing is a great benefit to the country.

He said anything done without goal, and determination could never achieve.

But what Mr Artiwara and his team have done has proved a good team work, Gen Prayut said.

They have systematic planning, consultation, discussion which reflect the current working condition that needs team work spirit from all sectors in order to achieve, he said.

He inquired the physical fitness of Toon and told his doctors to take care of him and advised him to rest if he feel pains from running, particularly people taking selfies with Toon while running which might cause accident.

The prime minister later handed over his donation in a sealed envelope to the rocker.

Toon thanked the prime minister after his advice saying what he and his team did started from a small dot of just wanting to do their best.

But how much it will turn depends on the people's participation.

He said he didn't anticipate huge sum of donation if it comes from a few people.

He said he wanted to see higher number of donors making contributions rather than getting higher sum of donations from less number of people.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)