PM says majority of people agree to maintaining death sentence

Prime Minister Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha voiced support for the execution of convicted murderers, claiming the majority of the people are in its favour.

In a brief comment on yesterday's execution of convicted murderer Thirasak Longji, the prime minister said capital punishment is a matter to be decided by the public.

Our law specifies the death sentence for manslaughter, especially premeditated manslaughter. The question whether it should be abolished is up to the public and at present the majority feels that it must be maintained, he said.

Amnesty International yesterday issued a statement to deplore Thailand's first execution of a convict in nine years, maintaining that there is no evidence that death penalty has a deterrent effect.

Thirasak, was sentenced to death for aggravated murder and robbery of his victim's mobile phone and a wallet back in July 2012 in Trang province. He was executed with a lethal injection.

Meanwhile spokesman for the Office of the Attorney-General Mr Kosonwat Intuchanyong acknowledge that people in many countries are against death sentence.

But he said in his opinion, each country's laws are designed to suit its needs.

We must consider the conditions and situation separately. China and the US each maintain the death penalty which is a legal consideration. We must remember that these sentences are meant to induce fear to prevent criminal behavior.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (ThaiPBS)