Police chief accepts tribute to real stickers Order to set up a special inspection set

Bangkok, May 31 - National Police Commissioner get there real sticker tribute Ordered the Central Investigation Police to set up a special inspection team. If an officer is found involved in the offense of not raising teeth

Pol. Gen. Damrongsak Kittipraphat national police chief Revealed about the case of Mr. Wiroj Lakkhana Adisorn, as MPs for the Kao Klai Party list Uncover information about that truck sticker tribute. has instructed the National Police Inspector General to investigate the matter as soon as possible, while the Central Investigation Bureau also appointed a working group to investigate together ready to appoint Maj. Gen. Jaroonkiat Pankaew, commander of the Anti-Corruption and Misconduct Division (PACC), acting as Highway Patrol Commander. so check on the sticker tribute issue and a special unit of the Central Investigation Police will be set up to gather evidence and check the work of the staff as well

admitted that at first there was a real tragedy And it's been heard for a long time. may disappear for some time But when this period came back into the news again, he ordered it to be checked as soon as possible. which the tribute has both the recipient and the giver The donor is the transportation system. The recipient is a government official. Therefore, the PPP commander must come to inspect the matter in all dimensions.

As for the transfer of the highway patrol commander to perform duties at the Central Investigation Headquarters to allow the National Police Inspector General to conduct an independent investigation And send the information to the committee because there will be a committee to consider complaints about the police or the police department to consider all facts.

In addition, the order was extended to all involved parties. If found guilty, they will take action without refraining. Regarding the sticker tribute published on social media, all facts have been ordered. some of which is old information must be fair to the police as well Begging people to post and share information to check carefully first. Otherwise, it could be an incrimination against the authorities.

The national police commissioner added that This is not a declaration of war on tribute stickers. But it is the normal operation of the staff to wipe out the sticker tribute.

However, the police officer welcomes information in all dimensions which has been developed to a certain extent. Is to receive complaints through the Inspector General's "Jacom" system, according to the new National Police Act, where complaints from police officers are considered. consisting of outsiders or representatives from various agencies and 3 more policemen who have been selected to be the inspectors of the JCOM system which can be executed directly In which, if anyone finds an offense by the police, they can file a complaint directly through the "Jacom" system or by calling 1599.-Thai News Agency.

Source: Thai News Agency


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