Police look for two foreign women for drowning dog at Pattaya beach

Tourist police in Pattaya are now looking for two female foreigners for questioning after they were seen in video footage taking a small dog in the sea and drowning it.

Tourist police inspector Pol Maj Piyapong Ensarn said the police were tracking the two foreigners for questioning and also asking witnesses to give information after seeing the video clip.

If the dog was drowned by the two women, then the police would impose animal cruelty charge on them.

The video clip was posted on the Rak Mha (Love Dogs) webpage showing two foreign women were taking a small dog of unknown breed into the sea at Jomthien beach, in front of Cetus Beachfront Pattaya condominium. They submerged the puppy in the sea until it drowned and then walked back to the beach with the dead dog and disappeared.

The video clip went viral on the social world with most viewers calling it animal cruelty and urge police action to bring them for trial.

But some also viewed either the puppy might be in serious sickness, or its owner might be going back and didn't want to take it along.

Thai PBS reporter went to the scene to investigate yesterday.

A 60-year-old operator of beach chairs and umbrellas Mrs Mantana Mabcharoen or known as Part Parents said the heart-struck incident happened at about 10am Sunday (July 30) when two foreigners, possibly mother and daughter, walked to the beach with the younger woman carrying a small dog wrapped with towels in her hands.

Both walked 20 metres into the sea and 10 minutes later, both returned with the dog.

She said she noticed the dog was still alive but trembling.

Both returned to the sea again and they were seen drowning the dog for about 20 minutes.

What they did to their dog this time was witnessed by several people, and some took videos before the two female foreigners went back to shore and disappeared.

She said she was sad and was sympathised with the dog as she couldn't help it.

She then said if two women didn't want to keep the dog, they should have better option, adding that she didn't know their intention.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)