Police show off their work in suppressing crimes during the Loy Krathong festival.

S.T.C., Royal Thai Police Office Showcasing the results of crime suppression during the Loy Krathong Festival between 20-26 Nov., arresting more than 14,000 general crimes, including 14,909 suspects.

Pol. Gen. Torsak Suwimon, Commissioner of the Royal Thai Police Announcement of the results of crime suppression during the 2023 Loy Krathong Festival after ordering all units to increase the intensity of law enforcement. and mobilizing forces throughout the country to eradicate all types of crimes Between 20-26 November last

As a result of the operation, a total of 14,339 general crimes were arrested, including 14,909 suspects, consisting of 1,877 gambling offenses, 2,248 suspects, 9,053 drug-related offenses, 9,055 suspects, and absconding-related offenses. 3,218 immigration cases, 3,415 accused, and 191 offenses related to service establishments, 191 accused.

Arrests for 1,750 cases of technology crimes, 1,776 suspects, consisting of 116 cases of online financial fraud, 112 suspects, 301 cases of online fraud and illegal products, 314 suspects, 269 cases related to spreading fake news, 261 accused, online gambling offenses Transnational crimes and others: 1,043 cases, 1068 suspects

Arrests according to arrest warrants: 2,651 arrest warrants, 2550 suspects, arrests according to the Emergency Measures for Prevention and Suppression Act. Technology crimes: 88 cases, 86 suspects, arrests for firearms offenses A total of 1,320 weapons were seized, consisting of 1,133 unregistered firearms and 187 registered but mishandled firearms.

Pol. Gen. Torsak revealed that this time the cleanup campaign Focus on eliminating offenses related to firearms, weapons of war, and ammunition. and the main illegal sale of firearms. Because in the past there have been violent incidents caused by conflicts between students from different institutions. To prevent serious incidents and to build confidence among the public that the severity of crimes and illegal acts will be reduced.

As for the criminal's use of a firearm to cause the crime, Most of them use unregistered firearms. to make it difficult to verify Most of which will be blank. and Thai-made guns or if using a registered gun It will be a stolen gun. The police must continue to sweep up firearms.

However, it is acknowledged that the problem of illegal firearms continues to spread. No matter how many arrests you make, it's not enough. The reason is that there is still a crime problem. As long as there is a crime problem Illegal guns will continue to spread. The police must continue to sweep up. To prevent violence from the use of firearms.-412-

Source: Thai News Agency