PR Newswire Upgrades Its ReleaseWatch Report in Move to Enhance Reach of Its News Releases

— A newly upgraded ReleaseWatch Report™

— A more visual analysis of media reach and a more granular measure of the news release’s effectiveness

— More practical and diversified report presented in both English and Chinese

HONG KONG, Dec. 29, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — PR Newswire today formally rolled out its newly upgraded Asia-Pacific ReleaseWatch Report™, which includes a deep integration with PR Newswire’s expansive global database of media professionals, PR Newswire for Journalists (PRNJ). The new report provides clients with a more visual interpretation of the analysis of the media reach, diversified report formats and reporting on all language versions in which the news release was issued, enabling the client to gain an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the effectiveness of their distribution.

PR Newswire's newly upgraded Release Watch Report

PR Newswire’s newly upgraded Release Watch Report

A major issue confronting most PR professionals in the world of increasingly complex news communication channels is how to measure the effectiveness of a news release. According to PR Newswire’s survey report "2014 Corporate Content Communication Trends and ROI Evaluation in the Era of New Media", 56.7% of the respondents said the media coverage and quality of the news release are the most important KPI indicators in measuring the reach while other reference indicators such as search visibility, the number of industry vertical websites and portals that post the news release as well as the visibility in social and mobile channels are all becoming progressively more important.

As a corporate newswire with 60 years of professional experience, PR Newswire has been and remains committed to helping companies and organizations achieve the most optimal results for the news releases issued through its channels. This upgraded version of the ReleaseWatch Report™ targets clients from all the countries and regions across Asia, including mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. It is another important upgrade of PR Newswire in enhancing the effectiveness of news releases for clients in the Asia-Pacific region following its recent release of its Visibility Report™ (VR for short).

Highlights of this upgrade in the ReleaseWatch Report™ include:

More visual interpretation of the analysis of the media reach 

The new ReleaseWatch Report™ features a deep integration with PR Newswire for Journalists (PRNJ for short), providing a visual rendering of the analysis:

a. Results of the analysis of the data are delivered by email within 24 hours of the clear time, including the number of times the release has been viewed by journalists in PRNJ so that clients can gain an intimate knowledge of the level media coverage and time at which the news release came to their attention.

b. Two diagrams provide a visual representation of the statistical analysis have been added to show the usage timeline following the issuance of the release over the subsequent 96 hour period enabling clients to see clearly the trends in terms of media pickup and display on websites as well as a graphical display showing when readership of the release peaked in relation to the clear time.

More granular display of the effectiveness

The new report is broken down into five sections in terms of presentation: search visibility, websites visibility, social visibility, mobile visibility and brand visibility. In addition, the report also shows print media pick up, as well as screenshots of the release on financial terminals such as Bloomberg.

a. In addition to Baidu and Google, the one click option of the two major Chinese search engines 360 and Sogou have been added to the search visibility section, illustrating the search visibility of the news release in real time.

b. In the websites visibility section, industry of the website displaying the news release has been added so that clients can have a quick understanding on the media coverage in different categories in one glance.

c. Social visibility displays the presentation of the news release on Weibo and provides monitoring and profiling of the Weibo distribution.

d. Mobile visibility lists the number of subscribers as well as the platform of each app in which the news release is displayed so clients can download the relevant app and see for themselves the display of the release in the app.

e. The brand visibility section is integrated with PR Newswire’s Monitoring Platform in order to monitor and collect the data on the frequency and trends of the client’s brand keywords on websites and in social media channels.

More practical report presentation format

Screenshots Report
Screenshots Report

a. The report supports multilingual fonts, with a simplified /traditional Chinese and a Chinese-English version available. More Asian languages will be added soon.  

b. A comprehensive upgrade has been made to the excel report format, and a screenshots report has been added (in PDF). An HTML-formatted report supports a preview and photo save as well as downloadable website screenshots.

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