Pro-election group calls for cancellation of ‘national strategy’

Several members of an activist group campaigning for an early election gathered at the Parliament today to call on the National Legislative Assembly to cancel the deliberation of the 20-year national strategy draft scheduled for Friday.

They were led by Nattha Mahatthana, a core member of the group of people who read out a statement in front of Parliament, saying that the group disapproves of the draft 20-year national strategy proposed by the government which was installed by the National Council for Peace and Order (NCPO) after the May 22, 2014 coup.

The statement said it would a lack of legitimacy for the NLA to pass the draft into effect as there are no opposition members for checks and balances as all NLA members were appointed by the NCPO.

If there must be a 20-year national strategy, it should be proposed by an elected government in responding to the people's demand, it said.

The statement also called for the government to quickly hold an election, lift the NCPO's ban on political activities and release all political prisoners to create a favourable atmosphere.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (ThaiPBS)