Pro May Ariya remains World No. 2 in women’s world golf rankings after projection error

The 21-year-old Ariya Jutanugarn or Pro May still remained World No.2 in the Women's World Golf Rankings due to erroneous calculations after projections which showed Thai golfer to take over the No. 1 spot from Lydia Ko on June 5.

In the statement issued today by the Technical Provider of WWGR Inc, it apologised for the error in its projections last week.

The statement reads:

Last week, we issued some projections which showed Ariya Jutanugarn taking over the No. 1 spot in the Rolex Women's World Golf Rankings based on player finishes at the LPGA's 2017 ShopRite LPGA Classic which concluded yesterday (Sunday, June 4).

However, when official rankings were run this morning (Monday, June 5), we discovered a bug in the projection tool.

When running the projections, the tool used the date on which the projections were run, rather than the date when the rankings would be released. Thus when projections were run last week, they included the 2015 Manulife LPGA Classic in the event count for both Lydia Ko (51 events) and Ariya Jutanugarn (58 events).

When the Rankings were run today, that event correctly dropped from the Rankings' 104-week cycle and reduced the total number of events for both players by one (Ko � 50 events; Jutanugarn 57 events) which resulted in average world ranking points of 8.37 for Ko and 8.36 for Jutanugarn.

So Ko maintains the No. 1 position by a 0.01 point margin.

We are working to correct the problem within the projection tool and we apologize for the error in last week's projections.

Ariya Nong May won US professional golf LPGA tournament last year.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (Thai PBS)