Prof Rapee Sagarik passes away at 95

Professor Rapee Sagarik, Thailand's leading horticulturalist and Thai orchids expert, passes away at his home in Bangkok on Saturday morning (Feb 17). He was 95.

The well-respect scholar, who has been recognized as the father of Thai orchids, died at 6.30am after suffering from blood infection for over six months.

Professor Rapee was born in Bangkok on December 4, 1922.

He was a former rector of Kasetsart University, former deputy minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives, and also president of the Arsom Silp Institute of Arts.

Prof Rapee also worked in the development of rice cultivation and agricultural research.

He was a pioneer in the breeding and conservation of Thai orchids, making the Thai plant to be known worldwide.

Prof Rapee wrote several books and articles, mostly about agriculture and orchids.

The professor, who was the founder of the famous KU Band, also played various musical instruments with violin was one of his favorite instruments.

In his latest interview with ThaiPBS last October, Prof Rapee encouraged the people to do good even if no one sees it.

His Majesty the late King Bhumibol graciously advised me that ones should do their best in whatever they do and love to do and it will turn out to be good, he said.

His funeral schedule will be announced by the family later today.

Source: Thai Public Broadcasting Service (ThaiPBS)