PT. warns that applicants must go to the area, do not be careless

Thammasat University, Rangsit Center, March 17 – Pheu Thai, choose Pheu Thai, both people and the party, let the land slide landslide, send 3 P. back home, warning that candidates should not underestimate that the policy is good. If you don't enter the area, you may lose. Emphasis on the policy, do not give out money.

Dr. Chonnan Srikaew, leader of the Pheu Thai Party and MP Nan said after the launch of the potential MP candidate that The strategy and goal of this election is to win by a landslide. Land slides across the land The Pheu Thai Party has personnel that are perfectly coordinated with experienced seniors. and the new energetic generation And we will have a candidate for the prime minister who will lead our country through this important period of 4 years and the party is confident in a policy that has gone through the process of thinking big and doing it. true fellow citizens They have knowledge and abilities from various occupations and ages, with determination and hope to change the country for a better life.

Dr. Chon Nan said that as the leader of the party There is concern about the current situation that applicants are being reckless. because the response from the Pheu Thai Party is very good and did not reach the people no sub keynote may face defeat So please don't be complacent. because the Pheu Thai Party speaks to sell its policies to the people Please focus on the speech. Don't play money throwing games like some parties. Please believe in the party and the candidates themselves. Because the new policy policy today will be a democratic policy that can be eaten and tangible, and if the Pheu Thai Party returns The country will return to democracy. Debt will be gone. drugs will disappear public health education will improve

“The land slide will help clear the constitution's succession to the power of the coup d'état. that creates conditions for The senators appointed by the NCPO elect the prime minister. Now the senator has begun to say that Even if Land slides, he will raise his hand to 3 P.O. to set up a minority government. But if the brothers want the 3rd graders to go back and let the senators go home, they must vote for Pheu Thai only. Therefore, we must win the election by a landslide. and land slides only to wash away the power that came from the coup Therefore, if eliminating the 3 P., eliminating the Prayut regime Have to pour out the Pheu Thai party, both people and parties to win decisively, ”Pheu Thai Party leader Said.-Thai News Agency

Source: Thai News Agency