Qatari oil giant provides Thailand with naphtha in 10-year deal

DOHA. Qatar Petroleum said in a statement on Sunday that it had concluded a 10-year sales agreement to supply Thailand's SCG Chemicals with a total of 3 million metric tons of light naphtha starting from this month.

The agreement was made for and on behalf of the Qatar Petroleum for the Sale of Petroleum Products Company (QPSPP), Qatar Petroleum said in a statement.

The long-term agreement is QPSPP's first naphtha feedstock sale to an end-user in Thailand.

Cholanat Yanaranop, president of SCG Chemicals, said that the agreement is very crucial to our petrochemical business in Thailand.

It provides the security and quality feedstock to the upstream facilities which will strengthen our total value chain through downstream plants, he said in statements after the agreement was signed.

Source: NAM News Network