Raiing Medical Inc. Licenses Thermia Fever Educational Framework from Boston Children’s Hospital

A Strategic Collaboration to Develop Personalized Fever Education and Management Solution

BOSTON, January 27, 2015 /PRNewswire/Raiing Medical Inc. and Boston Children’s Hospital entered a license agreement for Boston Children’s Thermia™ education platform, designed to assist parents in learning more about fever, illness and fever management. The online educational framework will be integrated with Raiing’s iThermonitor device, a wearable thermometer with US FDA 510(k) clearance.

Under the license agreement, Raiing Medical Inc. will incorporate the intellectual property from Boston Children’s with the real-time body temperature information captured by iThermonitor and build an innovative solution to provide personalized education information regarding fever to users.

The aim of this strategic collaboration is to better educate parents about fever management, with the goal of optimizing efficient use of healthcare resources and reducing medical costs. Furthermore, the annotated timeline of continuous body temperature readings may allow parents to have more informed discussions with physicians, thus leading to more productive office visits and better outcomes. For the long-term benefits, the personalized feedback will allow better user adherence and engagement to strengthen existing public health biosurveillance systems.

John Brownstein, Ph.D., director of the Computational Epidemiology Group within Boston Children’s Hospital’s Informatics Program and associate professor at Harvard Medical School, and Jared Hawkins, Ph.D., research fellow in Boston Children’s Hospital’s Informatics Program and Harvard Medical School, who are both Thermia™ co-inventors, will play key roles in the collaboration, research and development.

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