Remarks by President Jean-Claude Juncker at the final press conference of the 11th ASEM Summit in Ulaanbaatar

Mr President,

Thanks again for the warm welcome we received in this country. These days, I am visiting Mongolia for the third time. The first time - the President was then Prime Minister, and since then we are good friends - the first time I visited the country was in '98. And I came back later on and this is the third visit. I am admiring this country. The progress of this country, the marvellous development this country went through is visible and so I am congratulating the authorities of this country but mainly the courageous and noble people of Mongolia, who deserve all our compliments, as the President deserves compliments for the efficient way he was leading our proceedings yesterday and this morning.

The Summit was bringing Asia and Europe closer together. And as I have attended 10 out of the 11 ASEM Summits, including the first one in '96 in Bangkok, Thailand, I can credibly say that this was a very special Summit. Yesterday at the plenary, I was speaking about "connectivity". This is exactly what this Summit was about: showing unity in difficult times. Nice, Turkey, other events - the ASEM Summit provided the right and flexible framework for us to talk openly and frankly about events unfolding across the world that affect us all. We know what the global challenges are. We discussed them: fighting terrorism, pursuing our trade agenda in order to create jobs, moving ahead after the Brexit vote, tackling climate change and the refugee crisis. We know they require global responses. And this is what we will deliver. So I am looking forward to the 12th ASEM Summit which will take place in Brussels in two years from now, in 2018.

Thanks again and my warmest compliments for the way you are leading this country and for the way you are leading our Summit. Thank you.

Source: European Union